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What is Notem?

A new social media marketing campaign management App connecting Businesses and Influencers

Download Notem in Q4 2021
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How it works...


  • Create a campaign, offering items to social media Influencers

  • When matched Influencers arrive, Businesses verify their identity using a unique QR code 

  • Businesses are able to see all the links submitted by the Influencer in their Notem account


  • Launch the Notem App and see what opportunities are available to them in REAL-TIME, according to their location

  • Once matched, Influencers verify their identity to the Business with a unique QR code

  • Influencers create content and share links to their Notem account

The Notem App

  • Automates the processes connecting Businesses and Influencers, saving valuable time

  • Enables Businesses to manage multiple campaigns easily

  • Enables Influencers to find opportunities wherever they go​

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